No Moping

via Daily Prompt: Mope The year is coming to an end With no regrets nor hard feelings No moping nor mourning Let us embrace with hopes of a better tomorrow The coming year.. The carrier of good luck and good fortune Of joy, mirth and happiness And lasting bonds of love , peace and harmony… Continue reading No Moping

The Devil

via Daily Prompt: Pillage Nobody liked to befriend him neither in school nor in the neighborhood because of his mischievous and violent nature which not only petrified others but distanced them from him. The neighbors would restrain their children from mixing with him so that they weren’t spoilt by his influence. His parents who were… Continue reading The Devil


via Daily Prompt: Ovation I stood on the stage transfixed Felt the butterflies in my stomach Could hardly whimper And then it came tumbling forth The words, the lyrics and then the melodious song It went up in a crescendo before it came to harmonious halt There was a silent pause which seemed like forever… Continue reading Ovation