via Daily Prompt: Tempted

I’m tempted by wanderlust

A yearning for Nature’s bounty

Witness a glorious sunrise,

Hope for a new beginning

Hear the melodious chirping of birds

Blooming of enchanting flowers,

And the morning pleasant breeze

Soothing my striven hours


Mystic beauty of the setting sun

Painting the sky orange, red, grey and violet

Enamors me with the blessing,

That comes only once a day


The timeless sea

With depth unfound,

Unleashes thoughts profound

The magical moon in the night’s sky

Gives poets wings to fly

The twinkling stars like diamonds glow

Oh! What a wonder to behold.


Majestic mountains stand strong and bold

A spectator to stories of struggles untold

The rivers and streams that meander through

Its water so crystal clear and blue

These are embodiments of the Divine power

Which arouses in me sublime desires




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