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Indian Bengali middleclass families usually want their sons and daughters to become either an engineer or a doctor. And if it happens that their children are bright they face a lot of parental pressure to become one.

Shantanu belonged to a typical Bengali middleclass family. Since he was good in studies his parents desired to see him become a future engineer working for a good company. He as expected fulfilled their wishes by getting through the joint entrance examination conducted by the state for entrance into engineering and medical colleges. Since his name was among the top hundred students in the list he got a chance to study in the esteemed Jadavpur Engineering College. He completed his four years of study with good grades and got placed in a reputed Multinational Company with a fat pay package. His parents were overjoyed with his achievements and contended. But Shantanu had a passion in life and that was singing.

Bengalis are culturally inclined. In most of the middleclass families children either learn singing or are taught to play an instrument. Or if not such inclined put into poetry recitation classes or learn to paint. Shantanu had a good voice so he was admitted to take singing lessons. From his childhood days he participated in various school, college and local functions and was appreciated whole heartedly. He had a very melodious voice and everyone requested him to sing wherever he went. Singing was life and oxygen to him.

After he joined his company there was an All India Music Competition scheduled to take place and he was very eager to take part. He told his parents about his wish but they were discouraging at first. It meant he would have to take two months leave to participate and that could be harmful for his future growth in the company and may also lead to his termination as he was a fresh recruit. Shantanu was ready to take the risk. There would be so many participants from all over the country trying to emerge as winners. It would be telecast across the country and beyond and a great platform for new talents. The prize money was lucrative but what was more compelling to him was the fact that the winners would get to sign a contract with a recording company to launch a new album and even the opportunity to sing as a playback singer in a good film. His soul and being craved for it. He convinced his parents that if he didn’t participate he will forever be repentant. And in case he didn’t win his solid educational background would help him to secure another job. By any means he would take part in the competition. Shantanu was an adult now so they had to relent to his wishes even though they were skeptical.

Shantanu rehearsed singing day and night and wasn’t peeved at all. This was his passion. This was his dream. This was his chance and opportunity and he had to take a plunge at it. He put his heart and soul into it. He was confident he would impress all the judges and the masses alike. He knew he was capable and this faith saw him through. He went for his dream and it came true. Now he is a very popular singer.



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