Infinite Love

via Daily Prompt: Baby She was left lying in the street Near a garbage bin Like an unwanted appendix Cut from a mother’s womb Abandoned, forsaken and dying Crying, wailing and in despair Hungry , unfed , undernourished baby No arms to pick her up No hands to wipe away her fears No joyous celebrations… Continue reading Infinite Love


via Daily Prompt: Hideout As angst grips my soul I retreat to my hideout And find solace Amid solitude and Nature To assuage my distraught self.    

Night Sky

via Daily Prompt: Glitter The night sky glitters Like a sequined dark cloth The luminous moon casts Its mystical spell Makes me wonder Of this majestic creation The vast Universe With its constellations.      


via Daily Prompt: Sound   Soon after my intermediate exams. I got a job in a coal mining office in Raniganj. I was young and had just arrived from Bangladesh after the partition of Bengal. Being the eldest son of the family I had the added responsibility of looking after my younger siblings. The nation… Continue reading Euphoria