Sexual harassment

via Daily Prompt: Resist

She faced eve- teasing from a young age

The lecherous advances and the unwanted gaze

Left her traumatized and disgraced

This is the twenty first century and not the old ages

We speak of women emancipation

Their freedom to move about freely

Speak their minds and wear whatever they please

How can you judge her by such things?

Resist such occurrences by collective intervene

Raise your voice against such injustice

Whether at home or workplace or outdoors

Confront the harassers and lodge a complaint

Take a stance against sexual harassment.



48 thoughts on “Sexual harassment

  1. And those guilty…to be punished…without any delays…these cases can’t be left hanging like civil cases for years together….the judgment should come within 15 days…else sack the judges, investigation authority and the lawyers involved…

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  2. The lady in the picture should have been taking that picture gut punching that cubical creep. I don’t think you should touch anyone and stick to working getting Your pay cheek and going home. “Oh I was just being friendly”… Shut the f××× up…. What if some one was harassing your mom or sister. Some People are just sick with narcissistic personalitys. It’s disgusting!

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      1. Yeah,it is definitely not right,you and know this.However most of the Indian women,fear due to the blackmailing they go through,where they are threatened in terms of the family.Moreover you know the laws,how these brats harassing others get away so easily,leaving the shame on the girl.It is a sad state of affair.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. It’s really sad that we women have to face sexually harassment nearly everywhere ; outside, at workplace and even sometimes in our homes. We definitely need to be more vociferous about it. Would surely go through your blog.

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      1. True. It’s very hard being a woman. You always have to be alert. Everywhere you go. It’s hard enough being a woman all by itself. But even harder when society makes it more difficult.

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