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The giver of life

God’s crafted creation

In her the divine presence

The caring mother

The nurturer of man

The symbol of love and peace.

Muse of many poets

Her heavenly beauty

Her smile brings sunshine

Her eyes mystical beams

Powerful as a tornado

Resilient as a phoenix

But still men doubt

Her completeness without a man.


31 thoughts on “Woman

  1. women definitely is emotionally tough and strong .. its not you complete me or i complete you.. its about “We” growing together , moving together towards “our” dreams that makes a life even more beautiful .. isnt it .. i understand the struggle a women goes thru and yet tries hard to make everyone happy

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    1. Through the ages women have been through a lot of struggles to establish her rights and her own identity. I do believe that men and women are equals but there still persists prejudices and disparity in our society. I do hope for a better tomorrow like you have mentioned. So you are right in that way. 🙂

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  2. I have seen this many times everyone just write about woman’s struggle and the sacrifice she gives but what about man’s don’t they sacrifice their chocolate, their teenage, their health, their love, their meals, their dreams and many more. Its just that he never complains about anything and keep a smile face when he is around his family because he don’t want his family to know what he is going through. Man’s too have feelings but the difference is that he doesn’t know to express and woman’s do it nicely.

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    1. I do recognize the fact that men have emotions and have sometimes faced injustice but the scale still tilts heavily towards women in our society. An ideal situation is that where they are treated as equal and complement each other. Isn’t that so?

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      1. Do you know the reason behind it…. Maybe no…. Did you ever noticed this thing if a woman earns 15lacs p.a and the man also earns 20lacs p.a the tone of the woman changes and the tone of man remains the same. If you compliment and praise a woman she will feel proud about it and if you do same with the guy he will still be grounded.
        P. S ( I’m just giving my reviews and not talking about each and every girl on this universe but the scale tills hevaliy towards such kind of woman’s.)
        NO HATES

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      2. Yes you’re right nothing can be generalized. The things you’re talking about happens in some cases and that’s sad. It is a urban phenomena which is true with some people . If you go to rural areas the scenario isn’t the same.

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  3. Wonderfully drafted. It is deep and it happens but with both men as well as women, that they have to fight the society for their rights but women bear much more than us- the men (btw I am just an adult kid 😂), because they think of themselves as the weaker segment; which shouldn’t of course be the case. Everyone (every life form) would be equal once courage and peace rule this world. God bless. Keep writing such sentimental/melting stuff. 😇

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    1. Thank you Soumyadeep. I’m glad you liked the story. Yes this can happen to both sexes but the women are more vulnerable to it as you know. Sometimes circumstances are such that if you especially come from an economically poor background you’re trapped into such a fate.

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      1. I’m a guy from poor background with no job, I don’t think of myself as trapped. 😅 Be strong and every problem is bound to cure.

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      2. You’re time hasn’t arrived for you to have a job. Thank you Soumyadeep for the advice. 🙂 I’m somewhat mentally strong and I like to focus on social issues especially regarding women as there still persists a lot of disparity in our society. 🙂 🙂

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