Lovingly yours

via Daily Prompt: Lovingly

You came into my life

Like a breath of fresh air

Changing my dreary existence

Like an oasis in a desert

Into a kaleidoscope of colours

From monochromatic hues

Bringing joys abound

A springiness in my steps

A newfound eagerness

To spend a lifetime with you

With all my soul I pledge

I am lovingly yours…..


32 thoughts on “Lovingly yours

      1. I was being sarcastic….. I’m so sad and so lonely I want to…..

        Hahahahaha! I’m just yanking ya! Damn I couldn’t even keep a strait face…. Chris…. 100…. Evil gready corperations that get rich off our hard earned money instead of us just showing how much we love and care about the ones that mean the most to us in life everyday and saying forget valentines day…. Zero!

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