via Daily Prompt: Seriousness The moon and the stars above Are witnesses of our love In the night’s pleasant breeze Is written our destiny With all seriousness I do believe We are meant to be Our love will last till eternity.   Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone !  

Blog-acholic Award

Hi Friends, I am elated and thankful to my blogger friend, Quixote’s Kid for nominating me for this unique award which is not primarily based on promotion but a way to make good friends and encouraging and motivating you to carry on the good work . Soumyadeep is an original, delightful and exuberant writer. Please… Continue reading Blog-acholic Award

Bijoli’s Tale

via Daily Prompt: Tremble She was only fourteen, lean, dark and sharp featured with thick black hair falling to her waist which lent a grace to her plain looks. Bijoli’s mother died when she was very young and her father Kesto, a small time farmer with little means raised his two daughters until Kanta, the… Continue reading Bijoli’s Tale


via Daily Prompt: Craft The giver of life God’s crafted creation In her the divine presence The caring mother The nurturer of man The symbol of love and peace. Muse of many poets Her heavenly beauty Her smile brings sunshine Her eyes mystical beams Powerful as a tornado Resilient as a phoenix But still men… Continue reading Woman