Rendezvous in the forest-FFfaw-challenge

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Tim Livingston with the blog, The ForesterArtist. Thank you Tim for our photo prompt this week!

Both David and Rachel were both professionals working for a multinational company who hardly found time for themselves. They planned a gateway from all the maddening ruckus of city life to spend a relaxing weekend in a secluded bungalow in the pristine forests.

When they reached the bungalow it was already evening. It was an archetypal house dating back to the eighteenth century with huge rooms full of antique furniture.

A quiet and eerie night; the only sound that could be heard were of the chirping of the crickets and occasional howls of the foxes.  Around 2:30 a.m. Rachel awoke screaming and trembling from a nightmare she had.

“There was a man who has had an awful accident in the forests and is wailing for help,” cried an anguished Rachel.

In the morning David followed Rachel’s description which led astonishingly to a shattered car in the midst of the forest through which trees and plants had grown. God knows how long this has been here thought both of them.


37 thoughts on “Rendezvous in the forest-FFfaw-challenge

      1. Yup…Amio tai kori…korchi…Captiveta Saradindu r Satyajit Ray pattern mix…Once Saratchandra r Bankimchandra…flash gulo jokhn jeta suit korche…ajk jgulo post korechi sob Rayk follow kore mix HG Wells & Jhumpa Lahiri…

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    1. Hi Kieth,
      I tried to give my comments in your blog but didn’t succeed in doing so. Its saying my Open ID credentials couldn’t be verified.
      Any you have great writing style. It’s humorous and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Well done Keith.


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