Sea bound-Friday Flash Fictioneers Challenge

Friday Fictioneers is a Flash fiction community curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff. You can read and add yours by clicking the link provided at the end of this post. In response to the photo prompt by Jennifer Pendergast here. The idea, as always, is to write a story of around 100 words based on the picture above.

A huge rusty wheel was mounted on a cement slab in the park and nearby were the navy quarters who were once owners of this gigantic wheel. Brad, seven years old was fascinated by it and would visit the park with his friends almost every day to play around it. They would make up tales of escapades in the sea and act their characters.

Brad’s inquisitiveness and fixation about the sea wasn’t commonplace and his banker dad bought him story books about it from all around the world.

After twenty years, Brad now married, took his wife to the park and pointing at the wheel said,

“This is the stimulus behind my dream of becoming a captain in the merchant navy.”



23 thoughts on “Sea bound-Friday Flash Fictioneers Challenge

  1. It nice to show and involve your partner in your passions. It creates understanding and will bring them closer together, even if she doesn’t like the idea of losing him to his voyages on a regular basis.

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