One Lovely Blog Award / Versatile Blogger Award

Lovely blog Award

Hi friends,

It’s always an honour to receive awards as they are recognition of your work. I’m immensely grateful for the continued support and encouragement you all have shown me during my journey in this blogosphere and would like you to do so in the future. I would foremost like to apologize for the delay in accepting the awards.

I’m thankful to Shivangi, Multitude of thoughts for considering me worthy to be nominated for the amazing, One Lovely Blog Award. Shivangi enthralls us with soulful poetry which she pens from her heart and her thoughtful reflections on life and relationships are not to be missed.


Next, I humbly acknowledge the nomination for the awesome, Versatile Blogger Award bestowed upon me by two sweet fellow bloggers, Surya, Under the Peepal Tree and Bullyboy Shammypapa, travel 387.

Surya,Under the Peepal Tree is a prolific poet who weaves insightful poetry and her reflections on life and thoughts in general are lucid, thought provoking and a delight to read.

Bullyboy Shammypapa fascinates us with her stunning photographs and valuable inputs.

If you haven’t yet visited their blogs I would wholeheartedly recommend you to do so and enjoy their work.

Thank you,

Love Susmita




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