A tryst with destiny

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sunayana MoiPensieve. Thank you for our photo prompt!


His burning passion was to compose songs and sing them. This passion made Jimmy leave the comforts of his home and come to the city with bare essentials. Renting an apartment was unthinkable, so he made the pavement his temporary home. As the day broke out and commuters passed by, he took out his guitar and started to sing his compositions soulfully. Some of the people stopped to hear him sing appreciatively and left money in a bag laid open beside him. This sustained him for the day.

It was a month Jimmy was there. One day a Ferrari stopped near him; an affluent gentleman came out and stood listening amongst the crowd. After Jimmy finished singing the gentleman came up to him and asked his name.

“Would you like to record some of your songs in my studio?” he enquired.

Jimmy was out of words. This was the opportunity he was looking for so long; the wish he kept dormant in his heart that his songs would reach millions of people.

(172 words)

21 thoughts on “A tryst with destiny

  1. Interesting to read this. I am currently reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born to Run. As it happens he got his first recording contract when he was homeless and sleeping on a friend’s floor. Well look what he went on to! He is one of the greatest rock and roll musicians and composers !So if Jimmy follows Springsteens footsteps he will do well.

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