The Last Farewell


Photo prompt provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 28, 2017

The Last Farewell

Henry lived an opulent life and inherited the huge property and the luxurious palatial house he lived in with his family from his grandfather. But he squandered his wealth in gambling in the race course and the casino. This forced him soon to mortgage his property in order to pay off his dues. Natalie, his wife and their eight year old daughter Iliana were heartbroken at the prospect of leaving their home and settling in a commonplace domicile.

Henry arranged for a grand farewell party at his residence a day before he was to forsake his home. Distinguished guests gathered to attend the lavish feast arranged for them. One of them expressed his desire to buy their piano and the portrait of a lady that hung on the wall above it

After the meal, Henry sat before the piano for the last time to play a song that both Natalie and Iliana sung with an ache in their heart. Natalie couldn’t hold back her tears that came tumbling down her face. 

(171 words)


30 thoughts on “The Last Farewell

  1. Oh, the sorrows of the consequences that gambling causes for families! My grandfather owned land in Las Vegas, Nevada and he lost it gambling. So sad! We could have been a very wealthy family! Wonderful story!!

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    1. It’s quite simple . Firstly you have to enter the blog site and then click on the blue froggy button which will take you to the linking site. There you have to paste the link of your post in the first box. Then press Tab which will automatically take you to second menu box and it will display the contents. Then you have to enter your email address in the third box and press done after it.


  2. I hope the picture turns in a great deal of cash, and saves the house. Let not the sins of the father be visited on the innocent.😇

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