A spiritual call



100 Word Wednesday: Week 15

Image Credit: Bikurgurl

Sylvia was infatuated with a classmate in school near a coastal town. But he was oblivious of her feelings and apathetic towards her. He became besotted with another girl and this broke Sylvia’s heart. She turned to books to forget her sorrow and read a lot of spiritual texts. With time her interest grew on leading an ecclesiastical and holy life. She told her parents of her wish but they were upset with her decision and tried to dissuade her by various measures. But all were futile since she set her heart on it.

“I want to spend my life in serving God and the people. This is the highest form of love I know,” she reaffirmed.

(117 words)

18 thoughts on “A spiritual call

  1. Oh how tragic to lose the unrequited love, but to find love in Him — His acceptance, joy, peace, and understanding — I’d say she got the better deal ❤ What an unexpectedly beautiful take on my placid image….I am indeed honored your words were so inspired by it ❤ Thank you for joining us writing our tales and stories 🙂

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