Gajja Govinda’s Tale


lazy man

Gajja Gobinda Sarkar had many dreams in his life. When he was young and studying in school he wished to become a doctor like his uncles, Dinanath and Prananath Sarkar. But as years passed by he found numbers and arithmetic to be disconcerting puzzles that he couldn’t solve. They appeared in his dreams as soldiers armed with swords and guns fighting a gruesome battle that he eventually lost. He couldn’t progress beyond lighting a kerosene lamp in his chemical endeavors; switching on an electric bell or a bulb in his physical pursuits and dissecting a frog or a cockroach to see what lay as entrails in his zoological quests. Disheartened by fate’s cruel blow but not totally broken by his failures he embarked on a new mission to become a teacher. His father, Gopal Gobinda Sarkar was the headmaster of a boys school in his locality. Gajja witnessed with awe…

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