Running away

In response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge#1 Running away from myself Trying to avoid the hurt Broken pieces of me cut too deep Afraid to make a brand new start In need of a healing touch Susmita Mukherjee

That night

Dailypost : Memorize I vividly remember that night A pitch black blanket covered the sky The milky speckles twinkled against the blackness In various patterns and shapes The silver moon smiled back at me Casting an overwhelming spell over me So intense it warmed my soul Like a fireplace in a winter’s night cold I… Continue reading That night

Deep Sea

Dailypost : Enamored Enamored by the deep blue sea And the rhythmic pounding of the waves Washes my mind with exhilaration As I drink in the sight Of the massive crests of the waves Topped with white froth Making eager haste to the shore Pulsating with life and vigour