via Daily Prompt: Ruminate Bhisan Deo had come from a remote village in Bihar to work as a carpenter in Kolkata. In the beginning he worked in a furniture shop and gradually as he gained experience and expertise he quit working for the shop and started taking up contracts with builders as a carpenter for… Continue reading Ruminate


via Daily Prompt: Doubt Self-doubt clouds the vision Built on vagaries of mistrust Confidence brings in sunshine And a rainbow of self-belief Where creativity fosters And dreams become reality.  

Dim Wit

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate Kanakshar is a picturesque village which lies near the banks of the river Padma. Ganesh Chakraborty lived in this village and studied in a local institution called Brahmangaon H .E School which was situated near one of the major canals passing through this village. His father, Bishnumohan Chakraborty who worked as… Continue reading Dim Wit