via Daily Prompt: Craft The giver of life God’s crafted creation In her the divine presence The caring mother The nurturer of man The symbol of love and peace. Muse of many poets Her heavenly beauty Her smile brings sunshine Her eyes mystical beams Powerful as a tornado Resilient as a phoenix But still men… Continue reading Woman


via Photo Challenge: Solitude I wish to drift away from the palaver The incessant hurly-burly , rigmarole To be amid Nature alone Soak in its beauty and abundance And usher serenity in my soul Commune with Almighty Meditate and contemplate On answers unknown Solitude is my luxury To resurrect my inner self.  


via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming His love incarcerates her heart Like a prisoner captive in shackles Inescapable All consuming Overwhelming Like a magnet to its metal.

On the seashore

via Daily Prompt: Clean On the sea shore in a moonlit night Weaves magic of celestial delight The mystical beams on the surf Glistens and shimmers like gold The sonorous sound of the rapturous sea Untethers old memories Close to its profound depths Makes me feel trifle and slight Assuages my frenzied soul Cleanses it… Continue reading On the seashore