via Daily Prompt: Filter Filter your thoughts Before words are spoken Filter your promises Before they are broken Verbal diarrhea Is what our politicians profess Breeding hatred Disharmony Misleading people Is this the trend? Leading the world to its end  


via Daily Prompt: Oversight She was frail and she was old Her son gave her a good home And the luxuries that can be foretold But her loneliness was an oversight That he never understood For what she needed most Was him all along  


via Daily Prompt: Successful The sweetest successes are those laced with defeats A willingness to leave everything in the battlefield Failures are our lives greatest teachers Resilience and perseverance is what we need To push ourselves beyond perceived boundaries Till success is at our very reach Positivity is our greatest armour In our fight for… Continue reading Success


via Photo Challenge: Graceful Dark clouds loomed overhead And lightning and thunder struck The peacock gave out a mating call And spread out his beautiful plumage Of iridescent blue and green And danced gracefully With noble stance and flair